RE-Mapping the Navigation

How can I reconfigure the site’s navigation
& information architecture, creating an easier way
for users to find products?

Sunset Bazaar only has 10 different types of furniture; I reorganized them into three categories:

• Seating
• Storage & Organization
• Tables & Desks

With the re-sorted navigation, I created a Tree Test with Optimal Workshop to analyze the new architecture

Overall Findings?

• All four of my tasks got a minimum 90% completion rate (whether direct or indirect).
• The most difficult (#2) was due to people unsure if store hours were under Info or Contact
• Since the store only has 10 different types of furniture, putting them into 3 clear categories makes it easier to find

Redesigning the menu with a clear navigation is already 
starting to improve the site’s usability, increasing the users’
confidence and trust in the store.
Charles Ludeke, New York, N.Y.
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