will this be on the Test?

I used Maze to run unmoderated usability tests
with 7 users on my mid-fi prototype to
help inform the final design

One task I had my users complete was to add a bookshelf to their cart.

Unfortunately, the way I designed my “Product was added to cart” pop-up, the buttons were too low in Maze’s testing system. Users could not see the View Cart button, nor scroll down to find it. 

I designed the popup to be the same height as the page (1024px). I knew for my final design, I needed to make the popup shorter, and move the buttons up to be visible for smaller monitors.

Some more feedback I recieved was to move the shopping cart to the top right (vs top left), as that’s more standard to them. On the positive, the users felt like the site was much easier to navigate, simple to use and well organized.

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