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I‘m Charles. I’m a UX Designer with over 10 years experience as a visual storyteller in mediums like photography & video.

I’m passionate about creating inclusive, innovative, & accessible designs. 

Some of my favorite design aesthetics include Memphis, Streamline Moderne, Art Deco, y2k, Googie, Contempo Eclectic, and Early Cyber.

I love thrifting for vintage menswear, digging to find new music, falling alseep to the rhythmic hum of ocean waves, and like most millennials I have an obsession with animated GIFs.

Got any new favorite songs? A restaurant you’d love to talk about? How do you take a break from the grind?

I’d love to learn more about you!
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📍 New York, NY
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Charles Ludeke, New York, N.Y.
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